What Sparks Instagram Engagement?

The key component to posting quality content on Instagram is to make sure it's something everyone can enjoy. Something timeless, aesthetically pleasing, and has that wow factor. Here at University Communications, we strive to hit this goal in all of our photos and videos on the platform, whether it be campus beauty shots, UConn Magazine highlights, or highlighting our student body. Take a look below to see what our top five most engaged posts were this fall semester. 

Winter Sunset
  • Engagements: 6.8K
  • Impressions: 50.8K
  • Reach: 34.5K
  • Shares: 148

We’re kicking off the top five, unsurprisingly, with a Storrs sunset. These breathtaking #UConnViews never get old, and the amount of impressions can support just that.

  • Engagements: 6.9K
  • Impressions: 57.3K
  • Reach: 33.6K
  • Shares: 97

Not one, but two sunsets made it to our Top 5 posts. There is no doubt that these colors would stand out in any Instagram feed, especially when our iconic Gampel Pavilion is in the shot.

Golden Hour
  • Engagements: 8.1K
  • Impressions: 74.8K
  • Reach: 38.0K
  • Shares: 367

Taking home the gold medal as the third most engaged photo in the fall is this carousel of golden hour photos of campus. Golden hour is everyone’s favorite hour of the day, and Instagram is definitely the perfect spot to highlight those campus beauty shots.

  • Engagements: 8.3K
  • Impressions: 76.2K
  • Reach: 44.8K
  • Shares: 599

Our Class Photo has been a tradition for incoming students for years. It is a no surprise to us that our followers were this engaged with the post. First-year students were trying to find themselves in the photo, parents were looking for their student(s), Jonathan the Husky made an appearance... it's a win-win all around.

Rec Center Video
  • Engagements: 13.1K
  • Impressions: 136.9K
  • Reach: 68.4K
  • Shares: 8K

With the completion of our brand new recreation center right at the beginning of the semester, everyone was amazed at how immaculate the facility turned out. Years of planning and building brought about heightened anticipation for the new facility. The amount of shares was over three times as many as our other top photos’ shares combined. I guess you could say, our followers were pretty pumped about showing off the new campus addition.

Posted by Amanda Rizza

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