Social Media Account Request Form

Thank you for your interest in launching an official University of Connecticut social media account. All accounts that represent UConn, whether in name, as a program, group, entity, etc., must be officially requested and approved by UConn’s Office of Communications.

Prior to creating an account, all potential account administrators must:

  1. Read the Social Media Brand Standards in full; and
  2. Meet with the university’s social media manager to discuss social media goals, strategy, branding and the setup process

Social media accounts are quick and easy to launch, but a successful social media strategy requires research, clearly defined goals, creative content and a dedicated effort.

  • What will I post? Effective social media relies on stories and ideas that are unique, engaging and visual.
  • What and who is my audience? Who you intend to engage with your content ultimately determines whether or not a social media account is right for you and furthermore, which social platforms make the most sense to be active on. Social media is public; if you intend to communicate with an internal audience, consider an alternative mode of communication.
  • Do I have the time to do this well? Social media management is time-consuming work. University Communications monitors the university’s accounts several times each hour, and sometimes outside normal work hours. Social (and all digital) media are rapidly evolving and must be updated frequently — this goes beyond just posting to the account; it includes responding to comments and answering questions.

Please fill out the social media request form below and University Communications will be in contact as soon as possible.

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